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Land Referencer Apprenticeship Webinar

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Thank you very much to Mark Warrilow, Karen Davis, Bintou Keita and Richard Ball from HS2, Ian Fitzpatrick (NCATI) and John Myers (ESFA) for their insightful presentations for the SoLR Land Referencer Apprenticeship webinar on Fri 12 November. This webinar was prepared to engage future apprentice employers and managers by highlighting the benefits of this route, how the recruitment and funding mechanisms work and the timeline through to launch.

The recording of the webinar is available within our membership area on our new Resources page and we also have publicly available information on our Apprenticeships page including a link to the Level 4 Land Referencer Apprenticeship Standard.

SoLR's role with regard to the Land Referencer Apprenticeship is to ensure it has a sustainable future by engaging with the industry and promoting the Standard, and to help ensure a continued career development path beyond completion. We will continue to create resources to support this. We have also started to collate employer's pledges to recruit Land Referencer apprentices in 2021. Please do get in contact if there is any way we can help:

  • 00:00 - Intro; Simon Harth (SoLR)

  • 02:00 - What is an apprenticeship? & Drawing on the apprenticeship levy; John Myers (ESFA)

  • 09:47 - Benefits of employing apprentices and the Recruitment process; Karen Davis (HS2)

  • 23:38 - From an apprentice’s perspective; Bintou Keita (HS2)

  • 32:46 - From a line manager’s perspective; Richard Ball (HS2)

  • 41:26 - Planned launch and marketing; Ian Fitzpatrick (NCATI)

  • 50:20 - Q&A

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