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Lynn Arthurs

Board Director


I am a Chartered Geographer, based in Northern Ireland, who co-established the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Northern Ireland volunteer Committee. 


I started my Land Referencing career 21 years ago in WSP (formerly Parkman) researching land registry titles for a cross-border road scheme in Ireland, undertaking landowner site visits and engaging with them on scheme development and the finer details on land rights and use of land.   Now, as Associate Director and Head of Land Referencing, I lead a team of 200+ Land Consultants working on a variety of infrastructure and energy projects throughout the UK and Ireland, delivering land services, working closely with our Engagement, Land & Property and Digital Solutions teams to bring them through the required statutory process. Team effort and collaborative working in leading project delivery has always been a real motivating factor for me.  I have had the opportunity to work with teams delivering various statutory orders documentation such as Vesting Orders, Direction Orders, Planning Applications, Transport and Works Act Order applications, Scottish Parliamentary Bills and Highways Orders and in accordance with Environmental and Planning legislation.


I am delighted to have joined the SoLR board and am really looking forward to helping establish a community for talented individuals to get to know each other, share expertise and grow our industry. 

Lynn Arthurs
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