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clean air day

Solr are supporting clean air day!

Clean Air Day is the UK's largest air pollution campaign. SoLR are proud to support this campaign and are putting on a range of events in the run up to the 15th of June to raise awareness of the issue and promote clean air amongst our members.

Air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk in the UK, it is bad for the natural environment as well as people.

This years theme is: "Clean up our air to look after your mind"
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To find out more information around the facts surrounding air pollution and its affects on human health and the environment, please visit: Clean Air Hub: Clean Air Information

What are solr doing?

SoLR's Community Committee are running a few events in support of Clean Air Day 2023, with the aim of having a little something for everyone to get involved with.

In the run up to the 15th of June, we will be running a friendly step count competition alongside some local litter picking events, coordinated by our community committee. Whilst we would love you all to get involved, if these aren't up your street then please feel free to join our Clean Air Day webinar on the day to learn more about cleaner air contributions within the industry. 

There are of course smaller acts we can all do as individuals to reduce air pollution, aside from the events we our putting on. Please refer to the Clean Air Hub for further information and resources for individual use.
City Crosswalk

Lower Emissions

Step Count Competition

For 2 weeks we are encouraging members to take part in our step count competition in a push to lower our emissions. Join our strava walking group to log your steps and speak to your office representative for further information.

Trash Pick-Up

Cleaner Environments

Local Litter Picking

Cleaner environments encourage people to spend more time outdoors and potentially make cleaner transportation choices. Speak to your local office representative to find out about regional litter picks in the run up to Clean Air Day.


Better Understanding

Clean Air Day Webinar

We will be running a Clean Air Day webinar on the 15th of June, joined by guest speakers from across the industry to highlight some of the projects and work our members are involved in which work towards lowering emissions. (Microsoft Teams)

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