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The Society of Land Referencers is a not-for-profit member organisation, independent of corporate entities.  SoLR brings together people who deliver and benefit from the practice of Land Referencing, to form a community, facilitate the growth of our industry and support careers.

our core objectives

SoLR will represent and help develop this area of the infrastructure and regeneration industries, create a user community and support careers through these initial core objectives


Publicly represent our profession

Raise the profile of land referencing to the public

Develop and administer publicly available reference material and resources

Act as a conduit and collaboration point for all representative industry bodies 


Facilitate links between professional communities

Establish and coordinate networking opportunities for members

Act as a point of contact for members of the public on land referencing matters

Recognise and reward exceptional industry achievements


Uphold the reputation of land referencing as a practice and as a profession.


Promote high professional standards


Cultivate industry credibility


Promote the benefits of land referencing with measurable examples


Collaborate to develop industry wide technical standards


Demonstrate UK capabilities to international markets


Communicate relevant industry news


Collectively lobby for improved process and drive innovation


Actively promote land referencing as a practice and credible career

Promote the retention of land referencing skills within the industry


Safeguard for the future and ensure the viability of the Land Referencing Apprenticeship; guide employers

Provide material and resources in support of the Land Referencing Apprenticeship


Apprenticeship training provider

Establish and coordinate learning and development and outreach opportunities for members (CPD)


Invigilation of Apprenticeship EPA


Support the rotation of apprentices between organisation prior to qualification

Support the end-point assessment of the Land Referencer Apprenticeship


our members

Benefits of becoming a member

  • Socialise and expand networks

  • Effect change

  • Stay informed 

  • Coordinated access to CPD opportunities

  • Support early and future careers

  • Access knowledge and resources

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  • Access and consent negotiators

  • Agricultural liaison officers

  • Archivists/ archival researchers

  • Data and business analysts

  • Data controllers and data processors

  • Data security and quality assurance practitioners

  • Document controllers

  • Environmental professionals

  • GIS professionals

  • Land Referencers

  • Land rights specialists

  • Legal professionals and parliamentary agents

  • Project managers

  • Project promotors and sponsors

  • Property professionals

  • Software developers

As a practice, land referencing includes a diverse range of skills and disciplines in research, communication and digital and we welcome members from all of these.  We facilitate ties and engagement with complementary professional bodies and disciplines, acting as a conduit to wider networks and personal development opportunities.


As a society, we are run by our members, for our members. 

Land Referencing is a relatively young industry. There are an estimated 1,000 people engaged in careers delivering land referencing services for projects in the UK. These projects touch the lives of hundreds of thousands of members of the public.

Ask your employer if they can cover the cost of your subscription.

Many do!


SoLR Board

Land Referencer - SoLR

Chris Simpson

SoLR Board Director
Land Referencer - SoLR

Mark Aanensen

SoLR Board Director
Land Referencer - SoLR

Simon Harth

SoLR Board Director
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SoLR Board Director

SoLR Committees

Our objectives will be identified and coordinated by committees comprised of SoLR members


Our 'Community Committee' is planning three Land Referencing community networking events, a variety of webinars and talks and will signpost you to relevant CPD opportunities which will be relevant to all members and all levels of experience.

You can contact our Community Committee at