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SoLR Autumn 2023 Update

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The 18 attendees at our collaborative industry workshop in June identified the value of our professional services and analysed our internal and external strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The outcome of the workshop was three action plans, and those at the workshop proposed the formation of three new SoLR sub-committees to take these action plans forward, which Ashley Parry Jones, Sam McAleese and Mike Crowther agreed to chair. We are now pleased to launch our new Standards and Ethics, Professional Engagement and Identity sub-committees which join our existing Community and Careers sub-committees. This is the most ambitious and exciting phase for SoLR and poses true opportunities to grow and improve our industry. We have included an update from each below, and hope you will consider becoming involved.


Our Standards and Ethics Sub-Committee will support and promote the land referencing profession. It seems reasonable that, as an industry authority on land referencing, SoLR should establish accepted definitions that clearly describe our work. The Standards Sub-Committee will consider what standards might be usefully required and attempt to define, maintain and share these.

It will not however involve itself in the determination of appropriate methodologies to achieve these standards as these are a matter for individual practitioners and land referencing firms. The Standards and Ethics Sub-Committee will also take ownership of SoLR’s Code of Practice. The SoLR Board has asked Ashley Parry Jones, an industry leader and experienced land referencing professional of 30 years standing and author of published works on the matter, to chair the new Standards Sub-Committee. Experienced SoLR land referencers are invited to apply to join the Standards Sub-Committee in the hope that a representative consensus may be achieved from across our profession. If you believe you can contribute and represent your colleagues on the Standards Sub-Committee then please contact Ashley.


Our Professional Engagement Sub-Committee will support and help develop members of the Land Referencing profession. This sub-committee will allow SoLR to utilise the knowledge and experience of complementary groups and bodies related to the Land Referencing discipline whilst creating and engaging in new professional relationships.

This professional engagement will also aim to facilitate the formation of new formal accreditation and chartership routes for land referencing professionals by involving the wider industry. The SoLR Board has asked Sam McAleese, a chartered geographer and experienced land consultant, to chair the new Standards Sub-Committee. Those interested in engaging with complementary industries and bodies are invited to apply to join the Professional Engagement Sub-Committee to begin to develop these new relationships. If you believe you can contribute and represent your colleagues on the Professional Engagement Sub-Committee then please contact Sam.


SoLR envisions a future where we are a thriving and welcoming community of professionals who are passionate about our work and committed to making a difference. The SoLR Board has asked Mike Crowther, an industry leader and experienced land referencing professional of 30 years to form a new SoLR Identity Sub-Committee

which aims to present to the outside world a vision of land referencing as a field that is inclusive, innovative, and impactful. We want to show the world that our work is essential to solving some of the most pressing problems in infrastructure development and regeneration. Working in collaboration with the Professional Standards and Ethics, and Engagement Sub-Committees, we believe that we have the remit to undertake what we want to do to achieve our vision, collectively making a significant difference in the field of land referencing. If you believe you can contribute and represent your colleagues on the Identity Sub-Committee then please contact Mike.

Update from the Community Committee

Summer Socials

The SoLR summer socials have now all taken place. We Started the summer socials in Birmingham at Lane 7 bowling. We then moved south to London for the annual lawn bowls tournament in Southwark. Coming into September we moved north again to Manchester and held drinks and networking in Revolution Deansgate located on the Rochdale Canal. For those that love a waxy stamp, the second photo below is a share agreement from 1805 in relation to the Canal and as always, some actions shots from our summer socials:

Following the success we had last year, we coordinated World Food Week events again. This year we raised money for 'The Ocean Clean Up' as voted for by our members. We have set up a Just Giving page for those who would like to donate in return for a plate of delicious food. SoLR SoLR is fundraising for The Ocean Cleanup (

What's in the pipeline?

Looking ahead we have plenty of webinars including chartered geographer application acceleration and making an application for Chartered Geographer. Both of these are available to sign up to on the SoLR website via the following link: Events | Society of Land Referencers (

We will be sending around further updates on all the up-and-coming events already planned and for those we are looking at in the future so keep your eyes posted and sign up as soon as possible to avoid any disappointment.

Your CPD

As we know you have all been busy attending all the events, we want to make it a simple process following the events to keep your CPD log up to date. As a result, the CPD log has been updated on the SoLR website for those looking at becoming a Chartered to make it even more user friendly to use and complete. This can be found by logging into the SoLR website with your membership login, selecting my CPD under your name and filling out the relevant fields shown on the page.

Update from the Careers Committee | One year on

The SoLR Careers Committee officially launched on the 14th September 2022 with members from across the industry wishing to work towards the following aims:

  • ​​Actively promote land referencing as a practice and credible career

  • Promote the retention of land referencing skills within the industry

  • ​Safeguard for the future and ensure the viability of the Land Referencing Apprenticeship

  • ​Provide material and resources in support of the Land Referencing Apprenticeship

  • Establish and coordinate learning and development and outreach opportunities for members (CPD)

As a group, we decided to focus our efforts on the promotion of land referencing as a career option, particularly for Early Career Professionals (ECPs). But what did we do? With the launch of the Land Referencing Apprenticeship, we wished to harness the energy around this amazing opportunity and promote it far and wide. Over the course of the year, members of the committee and the wider community have attended 7 careers fairs at colleges and schools across the Birmingham catchment area. We also upped our game with new merch and goodies to give out at the events, though I’m rather gutted I don’t have my own SoLR tote bag yet! In February, SoLR held an Apprentice Forum Day at WSP in Birmingham, where all the 1st year cohort apprentices came together with representatives from each integrated company. This day allowed for networking, feedback on the training programme and looking to the future of this brand new Apprenticeship programme. This was all rounded off with a few games of bowling of course! We have also held regular meetings to discuss initiatives and work out how we want to make a difference to the Land Referencing career path. As we reach our 1 year anniversary, we wish to move forward on a number of new initiatives which is where you come in. We would like the extend the opportunity to join us, whether this be directly on the committee or as part of a group of individuals from across the industry willing and able to support us at careers fairs. We would ask that if you are interested in joining us, please complete the following form, or alternatively drop us a line on


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