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SoLR September News

Updated: Nov 16, 2022


Your community committee have been organising events over the summer following the success of past events. We have looked to increase the variety, locations and events to enable us to cater to a range of people in different locations, so that the majority of our members can get involved.

Alongside our upcoming events, we continue to promote external CPD events like the Royal Geographical Society support sessions for becoming a chartered geographer, which are all listed on our events page.

As always, we welcome any ideas and/or feedback that you may have. Please feel free to reach out to any of our committee members or email us at


Thank you to all of those who participated in our Company vs Company Quiz.

We had some close results but the winners took it by storm and cruised to top spot with a comfortable 10 point gap over 2nd place.

Congratulations to team 'SoLR Flare’ on winning the quiz. The team from WSP was formed by Ashley Parry Jones, Amalija Glavan, Leanne Cooper, Abigail Daniels and Catherine Albertini. We would also like to congratulate all the teams who entered from WSP who manage to score the highest overall average score to take 1st place in the company vs company showdown.

London Lawn Bowls

Thu, 25 Aug | Southwark Park Bowls Club

Thank you to all of those who attended the Lawn Bowls event in London. We have some great competition through out the evening and some excellent pointers from the local bowls experts from Southwark Park Bowls Club.

We ran a mini tournament after a couple of practice rounds that led to some very competitive matches. There was a formidable pairing on the evening however who took to the Bocce Court like a referencer on Land Registry. Congratulations to our winners overall winners Myles Scantlebury and Alex Walker.

Birmingham Flight Club

Tue, 13 Sep | Flight Club Birmingham

Thank you to all of those who attended the Flight Club event in Birmingham. We had three dart boards of fun going on simultaneously, we had some great players who should definitely think about going pro!

The staff at the venue were brilliant and the technology on display at the venue makes it well worth a visit again.

Birmingham Flight Club

Wed, 14 Sep | Roxy Ball Room Manchester Deansgate

Thank you to all of those who attended the Curling event in Manchester. We had members from WSP, Motts, Jacobs and HS2 in attendance. We kept the curling very informal and kept changing up the teams so we didn’t have an overall winner but a shoutout is due to Krishna Chauhan or thrashing Jayesh Mistry on a round of table tennis afterwards. SoLR members enjoyed drinks and pizza alongside the curling and look forward to reuniting on the 29th of September at Brickhouse Social.


Upcoming Events



SoLR board member Simon Harth is standing for election onto the board of the Compulsory Purchase Association (CPA). If successful, Simon would like to further raise the profile of land referencers as well as the benefits our services bring to scheme promoters, and build a relationship between SoLR and the CPA to open up opportunities for shared CPD and perhaps a combined membership subscription, which would benefit our members.

Regardless of the outcome, we will look forward to engaging with the CPA on representing land referencing, and identifying opportunities for our members.

The election runs from 5 September until 30 September 2022, as if you are a member of the CPA, do consider exercising your democratic right.



Our Careers Committee is off the ground

The initial group consists of 9 members from 4 organisations who have have elected a chairperson and deputy chairperson and started to complete the committee terms of reference, key objectives and priorities. As this committee will have a careers focus, we would like to have representation from across the organisations our members work for. If you would like to be involved, please contact us:

Careers committee chairperson | Victoria Sherwin

Victoria has 7 years’ experience in the land sector across various disciplines including land referencing, surveying and agricultural liaison. Receiving AssocRICS in 2020, Victoria mentors others through the programme and is keen to promote land referencing within this area. Victoria also supports apprentices and young people through both her professional and voluntary roles and has actively supported SoLR in promoting the land referencer apprenticeship.

Careers committee deputy chairperson | Aidan Wilkes

Aidan has a strong passion for the future of our industry and ensuring that it gets the well-deserved exposure it requires to empower the next generation of land referencers. Aidan has actively supported the promotion of the land referencer apprenticeship and has been involved in recruiting and supporting apprentices into our industry.


We're pleased to announce that Yinka Fedden has joined NCATI as their land referencing lecturer.

Yinka is a lecturer and consultant in land referencing with more than 20 years' experience of training and development in the field and will lead the curriculum development and delivery of our Level 4 Land Referencer Apprenticeship. Yinka has also joined our SoLR Careers Committee.

Our first Land Referencer apprenticeship cohort has started in industry and will start at NCATI in October, a significant milestone and culmination of three years of work and industry collaboration. Huge congratulations to everyone involved either directly or in a supporting role. This could not have been achieved without the personal drive from individuals and the support and facilitation from organisations.

SoLR is chairing a monthly Employer Forum to support employers and line managers, share feedback on delivery of the apprenticeship, connect with NCATI and discuss upcoming curriculum.


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