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My Name is Molly Ryan, and I am a Level 4 Land Referencing Apprentice who joined HS2 in September 2022.  I successfully passed my GCSEs in 2019 and then my ‘A’ levels in the Summer of 2022.  During this time to gain some work experience I worked part time at my local hospital and at Costa Coffee. These experiences gave me some invaluable life skills: Communication, Customer Service, Teamwork, and Problem Solving.  


To begin with I was unsure whether I would take the university route or the apprenticeship route. My Options were as I saw it; University would give me the opportunity to gain a degree, however, this would take years to complete and offer no real on the job work experience, coupled with the fact it would leave me with the burden of a huge university debt. This in mind I decided not to take the University route.


I investigated apprenticeships and considered this to be a more a viable route where I could gain work experience which would potentially lead to a degree outcome without the burden of debt.  During my search I discovered a “Land Referencing” apprenticeship on the HS2 website; it was perfect! I would attend college one day per week, gaining on the job experience and training.


HS2 was a natural and perfect choice for me. In 2018 I completed a one-week enjoyable work experience - travelling round the business experiencing different department, which really gave me flavour of what HS2 had to offer. So, as you can imagine, I was thrilled when I was offered an apprenticeship at HS2.


I have now been in my role for 5 months and I’m in the thick of it, I have learnt so much in this short time. I am truly excited and proud to be part of the HS2 team and be a part of the Land referencing apprenticeship.



Land Referencer Apprentice at HS2

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