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My name is Waycle, I am a Land referencing apprentice in Mott MacDonald since last September 2023. I came from Hong Kong and before joining this programme I was studying architecture in university and it was not easy to find a related job if you do not have work experience, especially when there is COVID. I have experienced both sides therefore I can say being an apprentice is way more practical than university. And there are things about the job you can never learn in the university like office life and practical situations.

Working out what this is, as it was the first time I have even come across the word “land referencing”, was quite challenging. It was a totally unfamiliar concept to me at the time. But everyone is very helpful not only because they do want the apprentice programme to work and want us to be successfully trained, but the atmosphere in the office is also quite relaxed and I have never seen a grumpy ‘I want to leave’ face. I believe one reason is because the hybrid office is more convenient and makes everyone more efficient, therefore they are happier to help when needed.

Once I have completed this apprentice, I am planning to work in Motts hopefully in a higher position and higher pay of course as I do think this is a great company full of opportunity. However, I am open to changes in the future if there are appealing offers that I might get because of this programme.



Land Referencer Apprentice at Mott MacDonald

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