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Ben Ellis

Careers Sub-Committee Member


Hi! I’m Ben, currently the Land Assembly Manager for Phase 2a of HS2. I’ve had the privilege of working as both the Referencing Consultant at TerraQuest and also the HS2 Client for the past 5 years. I can hopefully provide a unique insight into the impact our industry does, the needs and wants of major infrastructure projects and the full end to end process while referencing work is undertaken.


I’ve joined the careers committee as I’m passionate about Land Referencing and connecting with people. I want to pass that onto those who are starting off their careers and show how valuable the skills we use can be as their careers progress. I’d love SoLR to be a collaborative inclusive group of like-minded people who can share that knowledge we all have to empower the next generation of Land Referencers.

In my spare time I try to be outdoors hiking as much as possible (hence my love for site visits and reducing the environmental impact of site notices where possible).

Ben Ellis
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