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SoLR Community Committee Updates

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

As your community committee, we have been working hard to put together a variety of events scheduled to take place over the next few months that we are excited to share with you. Hopefully, these events cater to a range of people in all different locations so that everyone can get involved in some way!

As you may have noticed, unfortunately we had to postpone our Company vs Company quiz, however we have a new confirmed date of the 23rd of August and it will now run over lunch time instead. The idea is for each company to form teams per office location who can come together, either in the office or virtually, and compete to represent their organisation - the winner will be the company who averages the highest score!

Alongside our upcoming events, we continue to promote external CPD events like the Royal Geographical Society support sessions for becoming a chartered geographer, which are all listed on our events page.

Upcoming Events

Note: this has now been updated to include our Birmingham Summer Sports Social.


We have also set up a SoLR Fantasy Football League for our members and its not too late to join. There will be a trophy for the winning team up for grabs, and a wooden spoon for last place!

Speak to your regional representatives if you would like further information on how to get involved, if not please see the joining instructions which are available on our members resources page here.


As always, we welcome any ideas and/or feedback that you may have. Please feel free to reach out to any of our committee members or email us at:

Kind regards,

SoLR Community Committee

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