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SoLR Soft Launch

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Today we are sharing news of our impending full launch on 14 October.

We are launching SoLR as a brand new Society for those who are interested in and interact with the Land Referencing industry.

The Society of Land Referencers (SoLR) is an independent, not for profit organisation. Our fundamental aim is to bring together people who deliver and people who benefit from the practice of Land Referencing, to form a community, facilitate the growth of our niche industry and support careers.

The Society has been born out of the collaboration between land referencing firms involved in the creation of a Land Referencing Apprenticeship. This apprenticeship has been supported by HS2 throughout, recognising the need to future skills in this area.

More details about the Society and Apprenticeship can be found on our website

We will officially launch SoLR on Thursday October 14th 2021 with a webinar - RSVP here

Please help spread the word by sharing our website with colleagues and friends and follow us on LinkedIN.

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